Updating, upgrading, and migrating your HMC machine code

Updates and upgrades are periodically released for the HMC to add new functionality and to improve existing features. Learn more about the differences between updating, upgrading, and migrating your HMC machine code. Also learn how to perform an HMC machine code update, upgrade, or migration.

When you are finished with each of these tasks, the HMC reboots but the partitions do not.
Updating HMC code
Applies maintenance to an existing HMC level

Does not require that you perform the Save upgrade data task

Upgrading HMC code
Replaces HMC software with a new release or fix level of the same program

Requires that you boot from recovery media

Migrating HMC code
Moves HMC data from one HMC version to another

A migration is a type of upgrade.

Note: For HMC model 7063-CR1, you can connect an external USB DVD drive.