Reference codes

Reference codes are diagnostic aids that help you determine the source of a hardware or operating system problem and a solution to fix the problem. To use reference codes effectively, you must use them along with other service and support procedures.

Use the following links or the search function of IBM® Knowledge Center to find reference codes:

Note: The following information might be helpful when you use the search function of IBM Knowledge Center:
  • The asterisk (*) is an accepted wildcard.
  • SRCs are strings of either six or eight alphanumeric characters in the formats ΧΧΧΧΧΧ or ΧΧΧΧΧΧΧΧ. Examples: 110000AD, B7*988.
  • Progress codes are strings of eight characters that begin with a C or D (except DA). Examples: C1001F0D, D101C00F, D11A1xxx, D11A1*, D1*B0FF.
  • HMC error codes and messages are strings of six characters that begin with a zero, strings of eight characters that begin with an E or an H, or strings of 12 characters that begin with FQPSP. They do not include a hyphen. Examples: 0x0007, 0*0104, E202E7BA, E302E000, E4000000, HSCL0003, HSCP0021, HSCI0104, FQPSPAA0000M.
  • AIX® diagnostic messages are strings of three or four characters. Examples: 887, 2621, c33, c54, 0c0, 700, 558.
  • SRNs are either strings of five hexadecimal numbers or numeric strings in the following formats xxxxx, xxx-xxx, xxx-xxxx, xxxx-xxx, xxxx-xxxx. Examples: 301C0, 733-120, 2502-3010.