Using the web-based user interface

You can use the web-based user interface to perform tasks on the Hardware Management Console (HMC) or on your managed resources.

This user interface comprises several major components: the banner, the taskbar, the navigation pane, the work pane, and the status bar.

The banner, across the top of the workplace window, identifies the product and logo. It is optionally displayed. Use the Change User Interface Settings task to change the setting.

The taskbar, located below the banner, displays the names of any tasks that are running, the user ID you are logged in as, online help information, and the ability to logoff or disconnect from the console.

The navigation pane, in the left portion of the window, contains the primary navigation links for managing your system resources and the HMC. The items are referred to as nodes.

The work pane, in the right portion of the window, displays information based on the current selection from the navigation pane. For example, when Welcome is selected in the navigation pane, the Welcome window content is displayed in the work pane.

The status bar, in the bottom left portion of the window, provides visual indicators of current overall system status. It also contains a status overview icon which may be selected to display more detailed status information in the work pane.

You can resize the panes of the HMC workplace by moving the mouse pointer over the border that separates the navigation pane from the work pane until the mouse pointer changes to a double-pointed arrow. When the pointer changes shape, press and hold the left mouse button while dragging the mouse pointer to the left or right. Release the button and your navigation pane or work pane is now larger or smaller in size. You can also do this within the work pane border that separates the resources table from the taskpad.

Last updated: Fri, December 06, 2019