Capacity on Demand

With Capacity on Demand (CoD) offerings you can dynamically activate one or more resources on your server as your business peaks dictate. You can activate inactive processor cores or memory units that are already installed on your server on a temporary and permanent basis.

Capacity on demand offerings are available on select IBM® servers. For ordering information, see the POWER8® machine type/model tables within each CoD offering section of this document. Some servers include a number of active and inactive resources. Active processor cores and active memory units are resources that are available for use on your server. Inactive processor cores and inactive memory units are resources that are included with your server, but are not available for use until you activate them.

This topic collection contains information about how to use CoD offerings with the Hardware Management Console (HMC) Version 8 Release 8.2.0 Maintenance Level 0 and later. This topic collection is also meant for users who are managing systems based on the POWER8 processor.

The procedures and functions of the HMC Enhanced + Tech Preview (Pre-GA) interface, which was an option that was provided with HMC version 8.20, are the same as the HMC Enhanced+ interface that is provided with HMC version 8.30. Only the HMC Enhanced+ is referred to in the documentation, but that content also applies to the HMC Enhanced + Tech Preview (Pre-GA) interface.

Last updated: Wed, September 27, 2017