Shared Storage Pool

Shared storage pool contains a logical organization of one or more physical volumes that will be used to provide block storage.

The shared storage pool is composed of collection of physical volumes that can be accessed by every Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) that is part of Cluster to which shared storage pool belongs. Shared storage pools extend storage virtualization to multiple VIOS on multiple Power servers. This storage is used to create logical units (LUs) that can be mapped to logical partitions as storage.

The attributes in shared storage pool are :

  • StoragePoolName : User defined name for the shared storage pool.
  • UniqueDeviceID : VIOS generated ID for the shared storage pool.
  • Capacity : Total capacity of the shared storage pool in GB.
  • FreeSpace : Total free space left out in the shared storage pool in GB.
  • OverCommitSpace : Amount of space overcommited by the shared storage pool to provide thin provisioning.
  • AlertThreshold : Specifies alert set on total percentage of capacity being used by the shared storage pool.
  • PhysicalVolumes : Collection of physical volumes that are part of the shared storage pool.
  • LogicalUnits : Collection of logical volumes that are created from the shared storage pool.
  • MultiDataTierConfigured : Specifies if multi-data tier is configured for the shared storage pool.
  • MultiFailureGroupConfigured : Specifies if multi-failure group configured for the shared storage pool.
Table 1. Supported methods
Method Description Internet media type
GET Fetch the shared storage pool information from all managed VIOS. application/atom+xml, application/; type=SharedStoragePool
POST Update the existing shared storage pool such as :
  • Add physical volumes to the shared storage pool.
  • Replace physical volumes from shared stoarge pool.
  • Create logical units.
  • Delete logical units.
  • Set alert for threshold at shared storage pool level.
application/atom+xml, application/; type=SharedStoragePool

All the property names are listed at /rest/api/uom/SharedStoragePool/quickAll URI.

/rest/api/uom/SharedStoragePool/{SharedStoragePool_uuid}/quick/{Property Name}

Supported property names available at /rest/api/uom/SharedStoragePool/{SharedStoragePool_uuid}/quick/{Property Name} URI.

Table 2. List of Quick properties
Property Name Description
StoragePoolName User defined name for the shared storage pool.
UniqueDeviceID UDID of shared storage pool.
Capacity Capacity of shared storage pool.
FreeSpace Free space available in shared storage pool.
UUID UUID of shared storage pool.
AlertThreshold Alert threshold of shared storage pool.
Note :

The shared storage pool is created by default when a cluster is created and deleted when a cluster is deleted.

Since: Version 1_1_0

Last updated: Fri, June 23, 2017