Updating the SR-IOV adapter firmware

I/O adapters that are configured to run in Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) mode are managed by adapter driver firmware and adapter firmware. Both adapter driver firmware and adapter firmware for the SR-IOV adapter are downloaded with the system firmware updates, but must be manually applied to the adapter by using the Hardware Management Console (HMC) graphical user interface or the HMC command line.

Two types of firmware are required to support adapters that are running in SR-IOV mode. One type is the adapter driver firmware, which is used for configuring and managing the adapter. The second type is the I/O adapter firmware, which enables the adapter to interface with the adapter driver firmware. Both types of SR-IOV firmware are automatically updated to the current level that is available when the adapter is first switched to run in SR-IOV mode. They are also updated automatically during maintenance operations, such as when the adapter is stopped or replaced.
Note: You cannot use this procedure to update the firmware for adapters that can run in SR-IOV mode, but are not running in that mode.

The firmware update process for the SR-IOV adapters is similar to the HMC update process of the other system firmware. When you update the system firmware, the system firmware update might also contain adapter driver firmware updates for the SR-IOV adapters, adapter firmware updates, or both. The firmware for the adapters that are configured to run in SR-IOV mode is not updated automatically while they are running because of a temporary I/O outage that occurs when the firmware is updated. By not automatically updating the firmware immediately, you can schedule the most convenient time for this outage. The outage lasts approximately 1 minute for each adapter that is updated when you update only the adapter driver firmware, and approximately 5 minutes for each adapter that is updated when you update both the adapter driver firmware and the adapter firmware. You cannot update only the adapter firmware. To update the SR-IOV firmware on an adapter that is running in SR-IOV mode, the managed system with the SR-IOV adapter must be powered on and in either the Standby state or the Operating state.

Last updated: Tue, June 12, 2018