Installing and configuring POWER8 processor-based systems and system features

Use this information to install and configure POWER8® processor-based systems and to install customer-installable hardware features. This information also provides removal and replacement procedures for customer-replaceable hardware features, such as memory modules or fans.

  • See the International Information Bulletin for Customers - Installation of IBM Machines (Publication number: SC27-6601-00) that is available from the IBM Publications Center ( This bulletin provides a list of the key IBM system installation activities and a list of activities that might be billable.
  • If you are servicing an 8247-21L, 8247-22L, 5148-21L, or 5148-22L system that is in Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) locations 30U through 58U in a rack, see the Requirements for servicing a system in EIA locations 30U through 58U.

Last updated: Wed, December 04, 2019