OpenIPMI Driver

OpenIPMI Driver is included in all IBM® supported Ubuntu distributions.

The driver consists of several driver modules.
Note: An earlier, closed source deprecated driver is known as the OSA IPMI driver that is used with older versions of Linux. However, you can consider using the OpenIPMI driver.

Activating the IPMI Service

To start using the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) to manage your hardware, activate the IPMI service by running the following commands:

# chkconfig ipmi on
# service ipmi start
# service ipmi status 
	ipmi_msghandler module loaded. 
	ipmi_si module loaded. 
	ipmi_devintf module loaded. 
	/dev/ipmi0 exists.
Note: This command loads the following basic drivers: ipmi_msghandler, ipmi_devintf, and ipmi_si.

Last updated: Tue, December 24, 2019