Reference codes that begin with a number sign (#)

When viewed from the management console, a reference code that begins with a number sign character (#) represents an AIX® operating system diagnostics message.

On the Hardware Management Console (HMC), you can show the text associated with the reference code by selecting the View Details action and viewing all of the serviceable event data. The message displayed might be informational only or might suggest a corrective action.

To resolve the event, follow the action described in the message. In general, do not suspect a hardware problem unless performing the suggested action is ineffective.

The following example shows the message associated with reference code #2533902:

No trouble was found with this adapter. However, the Ethernet adapter diagnostics indicate that there may be a problem with the connection to the network. It is suggested that Advanced Diagnostic Testing with the wrap plug be performed on this adapter in order to better isolate the cause of this network interface problem.