Recovering a RAID 5 single-disk failure

RAID 5 protects the data with parity information distributed on all member disks. The data can be recovered from the remaining disks if one disk fails.

When a single disk in a RAID 5 disk array fails, the disk array status changes to Degraded. The disk array remains functional because the data on the failed disk can be rebuilt using parity and data on the remaining disks. If a hot spare disk is available, the controller can rebuild the data on the disk automatically. If a hot spare disk is not available, you must replace the failed disk and then initiate a rebuild.

Complete the following steps to initiate a rebuild:

  1. Run the iprconfig utility by typing iprconfig.
  2. Select Work with disk unit recovery.
  3. Select Rebuild disk unit data.
  4. Select the disks you want to rebuild, then press Enter.
  5. To rebuild data, press Enter. If you do not want to rebuild data, type q to cancel.
    Attention: Data currently on the disk will be overwritten.

Last updated: Wed, May 24, 2017