Changing pdisks to hdisks

To change array candidate pdisks (528 or 4224 bytes per sector) to standalone hdisks (512 or 4096 bytes per sector), you must delete and format the pdisks.

Note: You cannot change pdisks that are members of a disk array or are hot spares to standalone hdisks.

To change the pdisks to standalone hdisks, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the IBM® SAS Disk Array Manager by using the steps in Using the Disk Array Manager.
  2. Select Change/Show SAS pdisk Status.
  3. Select Delete an Array Candidate pdisk and Format to JBOD Block size.
  4. Select the appropriate SAS RAID controller.
  5. Select the 528 or 4224 bytes per sector pdisks to be formatted to 512 or 4096 bytes per sector standalone hdisks.
    Attention: Continuing with this option will format the disks. All data on the disks will be lost. When the format is completed, the pdisk will be deleted and replaced by an hdisk.

Last updated: Wed, May 24, 2017