Performance and Capacity Monitoring

REST based web service APIs for Performance and Capacity Monitoring (PCM) of the IBM Power Systems servers.

Ongoing monitoring of systems is critical and vital need for continual and optimal business operations. The need for monitoring is more crucial in virtualized environments due to the shared nature of resources. A PowerVM administrator can understand the capacity distribution of the physical resources among virtual servers and monitor continuously the utilization levels and performances of these resources to ensure physical resources are distributed evenly and used optimally. The admin also need to proactively take actions before a performance problem occurs.

The Performance and Capacity Monitoring (PCM) APIs aims at addressing two primary issues.

  1. To bridge the gap in the PowerVM performance monitoring for the new virtualization features.
  2. To provide an easy and uniform interface to access the performance data as against making them available via various commands and utilities.
Note: The user must have ManageUtilizationData task access to be able to change the PCM preference settings.

Last updated: Fri, June 23, 2017