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9119-FHB system parts

Indexed drawings show system part numbers of each part.

Cover assemblies
Table 1. Final assembly (assembly 1)
Index number CCIN Part number Units Description
1   45D3406 1 Cover assembly (left)
2   2665528 6 Screw
3   42V2119 6 J-bracket assembly, side cover
4   2665528 12 Screw
5   45D4167 1 Acoustic rear cover
6   45D3405 1 Cover assembly (right)
7   2665528 6 Screw
8   2665525 4 Screw
9   41V2376 2 Latch bracket
10   45D7950 1 Acoustic front cover
Bulk power assembly
Table 2. Final assembly (assembly 2)
Index number CCIN Part number Units Description
1   45D7779 2 Bulk power enclosure (BPE) assembly (new installation only)
1   45D2463 2 BPE assembly (model upgrades only)
2   77G0599 10 Screw
3   74F1823 10 Nut clip
4   41V2374 As required Bulk power fan (BPF) assembly
4   41V2453 As required BPF filler plate, front only
5   15R9306 2 Cable bracket assembly
6   77G0599 6 Screw
7 2C34 45D2991 2 Bulk power hub (BPH)
8 2C32 41U9484 As required Bulk power distribution (BPD) assembly
8   31L8609 As required BPD filler assembly
9 2C19 45D8506 2 Bulk power controller (BPC) assembly
10 2C7B 45D7780 As required Bulk power regulator (BPR) assembly (new installation only)
10 2C36 45D0639 As required BPR assembly (model upgrades only)
10   15R7647 As required BPR filler assembly
Final assembly
Table 3. Final assembly (assembly 3)
Index number CCIN Part number Units Description
1   45D5694 1 Light strip, front
2   45D2986 4 Actuator assembly (top and bottom)
3   45D2965 8 Node lock assembly
4   44P2994 As required Filler plate
5   77G0599 4 Screw
6   74F1823 4 Nut clip
7   44P2462 As required Filler plate
8   77G0599 2 Screw
9   74F1823 2 Nut clip
10   45D9112 8 Node locking bracket assembly (front)
11   73Y4218 As required Node assembly, unpopulated
11   95Y5058 As required Node assembly, 6 core
11   95Y5144 As required Node assembly, 8 core with 4cTurboCore option
11   95Y5163 As required Node assembly (unpopulated)
12   15R7507 As required Node filler assembly
13   45D0534 As required EMI cover
Final assembly (continued)
Table 4. Final assembly (assembly 4)
Index number CCIN Part number Units Description
14   45D1994 1 UEPO assembly
15   2665528 2 Screw
16   45D5199 4 Actuator bracket assembly
17   45D5201 4 Actuator assembly (lower left)
17A 52C4 73Y4020 1 System VPD card
17A 52D3 73Y3768 1 Controlled system VPD card (Tier 3)
18 2C17 73Y3847 2 System controller (FSP)
19 2C00 73Y3804 2 Clock card
20 2BAA 73Y3800 1 System backplane
21   1624790 2 Screw, backplane mounting
Final assembly (continued)
Table 5. Final assembly (assembly 5)
Index number CCIN Part number Units Description
22     8 Lubricated node locking bracket assembly (rear)
23   44P2994 As required Filler plate
23   44P2462 As required Filler plate
24   77G0599 4 Screw
25   74F1823 4 Nut clip
26   74Y0996 As required MDA-EZ assembly
27   15R8873 As required Blower assembly
28   46K3997 1 Light strip (rear)
29   45D2818 1 Connector cover
30   45D7497 1 Node service tool
Node assembly
Table 6. Final assembly (assembly 6)
Index number CCIN Part number Units Description
1   45D8502 As required DCA assembly
2     As required Heat sink (included with the processor assembly)
3 538F 73Y4115 As required Processor assembly, 8 core with 4cTurboCore option
3 539C 73Y4114 As required Processor assembly, 6 core
4   41V0922 As required Book filler assembly
5 295B 45D9096 As required I/O hub card
5 2B74 73Y8782 As required GX++ 2-port 10 Gb FCoE CNA SR optical adapter
5 2B9B 73Y8776 As required GX++ 2-port 16 Gb fibre channel adapter
5 2C18 73Y4133 As required Node controller
6 2BB6 74Y2424 1 TPMD card
7 31CB 45D7238 As required 8 GB, DDR3 DIMM
7 31DD 41T8254 As required 16 GB, DDR3 DIMM
7 31CC 45D7242 As required 16 GB, DDR3 DIMM
7 31DE 41T8258 As required 32 GB, DDR3 DIMM
7 31CD 45D7248 As required 32 GB, DDR3 DIMM
7 31D3 00V5416 As required 64 GB, DDR3 DIMM
8   45D3046 1 Rubber air dam
9 555A 60H5045 1 LED service card
Table 7. Cables
CCIN Part number Description
  95P4084 SAS cable
  44V4147 1-meter SAS cable
  44V4817 2-meter SAS cable
  44V4148 3-meter SAS cable
  44V4154 3-meter SAS cable
  44V4158 3-meter SAS cable
  44V4163 3-meter SAS cable
  44V4149 6-meter SAS cable
  44V4155 6-meter SAS cable
  44V4159 6-meter SAS cable
  44V4164 6-meter SAS cable
  44V4156 15-meter SAS cable
  44V4160 15-meter SAS cable
  52G4233 SCSI cable
  41Y0596 1-meter SCSI cable
  41Y0597 3-meter SCSI cable
  41Y0598 5-meter SCSI cable
  41Y0599 10-meter SCSI cable
  41Y0600 20-meter SCSI cable
  22R5217 2-meter SPCN cable
  22R5239 3-meter SPCN cable
036A 39J5820 3-meter SPCN cable
  22R5219 6-meter SPCN cable
  22R5221 15-meter SPCN cable
  22R5222 30-meter SPCN cable
  39J2561 10-meter HSL2 cable
  42V2129 .6-meter 12X IB cable
  42V2131 2.5-meter 12X IB cable
  42R6160 8-meter 12X IB cable
  32N1311 2-meter external cable
  31P6132 8-meter cable
  41V2507 BPCA to BPCB cable
  15R6779 Bulk power distribution cable
  15R6780 Bulk power distribution cable
  41V2172 Bulk power regulator cable
  41V0570 IBF cable
  39J5836 UPS adapter cable
  95P4049 DVD cable
  11P4606 Cable clamp
  0524519 Cable tie
  15R8270 Cable tool
  95P4048 VPD cable
Table 8. Keyboards
CCIN Part number Description
  10N6984 Keyboard, Arabic
  32N1233 Keyboard, Arabic
  32N1212 Keyboard, Brazilian
  10N6963 Keyboard, Brazilian/Portuguese
  10N6972 Keyboard, Bulgarian
  32N1221 Keyboard, Bulgarian
  32N1217 Keyboard, CANFRC
  32N1215 Keyboard, Chinese
  10N6966 Keyboard, Chinese/US
  10N6981 Keyboard, Czechoslovakian
  32N1230 Keyboard, Czechoslovakian
  10N6971 Keyboard, Danish
  32N1220 Keyboard, Danish
  32N1206 Keyboard, French
  10N6957 Keyboard, French
  10N6967 Keyboard, French Canadian
  10N6968 Keyboard, French Canadian
  32N1216 Keyboard, French Canadian
  10N6973 Keyboard, French/German
  10N6959 Keyboard, German
  32N1208 Keyboard, German
  10N6977 Keyboard, Greek
  32N1226 Keyboard, Greek
  10N6978 Keyboard, Hebrew
  32N1227 Keyboard, Hebrew
  10N6964 Keyboard, Hungarian
  32N1213 Keyboard, Hungarian
  10N6958 Keyboard, Italian
  32N1207 Keyboard, Italian
  32N1211 Keyboard, Japanese
  10N6962 Keyboard, Japanese
  32N1214 Keyboard, Korean
  10N6965 Keyboard, Korean
  10N6983 Keyboard, LA Spanish
  32N1232 Keyboard, LA Spanish
  10N6974 Keyboard, Norwegian
  32N1223 Keyboard, Norwegian
  10N6979 Keyboard, Polish
  32N1228 Keyboard, Polish
  10N6975 Keyboard, Portuguese
  10N6976 Keyboard, Portuguese
  32N1224 Keyboard, Portuguese
  32N1225 Keyboard, Portuguese
  10N6986 Keyboard, Russian
  32N1235 Keyboard, Russian
  10N6980 Keyboard, Slovakia
  32N1229 Keyboard, Slovakia
  32N1236 Keyboard, Slovakia
  10N6961 Keyboard, Spanish
  32N1210 Keyboard, Spanish
  10N6970 Keyboard, Sweden/Finland
  32N1219 Keyboard, Sweden/Finland
  32N1234 Keyboard, Thailand
  10N6985 Keyboard, Thailand
  10N6982 Keyboard, Turkey
  32N1231 Keyboard, Turkey
  10N6960 Keyboard, United Kingdom
  32N1209 Keyboard, United Kingdom
  10N6956 Keyboard, United Kingdom
  10N6988 Keyboard, US EMEA
  32N1205 Keyboard, US
  10N6987 Keyboard, Yugoslavian/Latin
Table 9. Miscellaneous parts
CCIN Part number Description
  External cables and cords See Site and Hardware Planning Guide.
  Cable configuration See Enclosures and Expansion Units.
  45D2504 4 MM socket driver
  45D1756 Bridge assembly bracket
  7336725 Cover packaging or Slimline non-powered, bolt on expansion rack door without IBM logo
  45D1990 Cross-member
  11P3990 Door key
  45D8467 Frame cover for 9119-FHA to 9119-FHB slim conversion (front)
  45D4063 Frame cover for acoustic powered expansion rack cover set with IBM logos (rear)
  45D4169 Frame cover for Slimline non-powered, bolt on expansion rack door without IBM logo (rear)
  45D8467 Frame cover for Slimline non-powered, bolt on expansion rack door without IBM logo (front)
  45D2430 Frame stiffening bracket
  45D3131 Gear box assembly
  44V8038 Indium pad 2-pack (tab-shaped with adhesive kapton dots)
  45D2454 Latch bracket
  31L8313 Leveling pad wrench
  45D2808 Node service adapter (with side jack screws)
  45D2822 Rail (Left bottom)
  45D2824 Rail (Right bottom)
  45D2826 Rail (Left top)
  45D2828 Rail (Right top)
  1621549 Screw, M 8 x 40
  1673730 Screw, M 5 x 12
  15R8943 Single chip module (SCM) tweezers
  45D2506 SCM 5 NM clutch torque tool
  45D2645 SCM air pump
  7336772 SCM container
  45D2624 SCM interposer cover
  45D7265 SCM module
  44V8405 SCM module handle
  54G2882 Screw
  45D2288 Tailgate
  45D3627 Tailgate assembly
  45D1986 Vertical bracket (left)
  45D1987 Vertical bracket (right)
  45D1677 Weight distribution plate kit
  03N6070 Wrap plug
  12R9314 Wrap plug
  12R9315 Wrap plug
  42R4761 Wrap plug
  42R5143 Wrap plug
  87H3311 Wrap plug
  87H3439 Wrap plug
  87H3442 Wrap plug

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