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Restoring an AIX system backup from a CD or DVD

In this procedure, you restore an IBM® AIX® system backup, also called a mksysb, on a logical partition using the logical partition's optical device.

This procedure assumes that there is a Hardware Management Console (HMC) attached to the managed server.
Note: Ensure that you follow the sequence of steps for the installation method that you choose. Within each procedure, some steps are completed in AIX and some steps are completed using the HMC interface.


Before you begin this procedure, ensure that you have already used the HMC to create an AIX logical partition and partition profile with the information from Saving your existing partition profiles from a Hardware Management Console. Ensure that the AIX logical partition has the following resources assigned:
  • A device adapter attached to the optical drive
  • A network adapter
  • A hard disk with the minimum amount of space needed for AIX

Set the boot mode for this partition to be Normal mode. After you have successfully created the logical partition and partition profile, leave the logical partition in the Not activated state.

Step 1. Activate and install the partition (performed in the HMC interface)

  1. Insert the AIX system backup CD or DVD into the optical device of the AIX logical partition.
  2. Select the partition to open the menu.
  3. Select Activate. The Activate Partition menu opens with a selection of partition profiles. Ensure that the correct profile is highlighted.
  4. Select Open a terminal window or console session from the menu to open a virtual terminal (vterm) window.
  5. Select Advanced to open the Advanced options menu.
  6. Select Do not override for the Keylock position.
  7. Select Do not override for the Boot mode.
  8. Select OK to close the Advanced options menu.
  9. Select OK again. A vterm window opens for the partition.

Step 2. Select the boot device

Note: The default password for the administrator is admin.

In the SMS menu on the vterm window, complete the following steps:

  1. Press the 5 key, and then press Enter to select 5. Select Boot Options.
    Main Menu
    1. Select Language
    2. Setup Remote IPL (Initial Program Load)
    3. Change SCSI Settings
    4. Select Console
    5. Select Boot Options
    Navigation Keys:
    																X = eXit System Management Services
    Type the number of the menu item and press Enter or select Navigation Key: 5
  2. Press the 2 key, and then press Enter to select 2. Select Boot Devices.
  3. Press the 1 key, and then press Enter to select 1. Select 1st Boot Device.
  4. Press the 3 key, and then press Enter to select 3. CD/DVD.
  5. Select the media type that corresponds to the optical device, and then press Enter.
  6. Select the device number that corresponds to the optical device, and then press Enter.
  7. Set the boot sequence to configure the first boot device. The optical device is now the first device in the Current Boot Sequence list.
  8. Press the x key to exit the SMS menu and confirm that you want to exit SMS.

Step 3. Restore the AIX system backup

Install the AIX system backup, as follows:

Note: As you exit the SMS menus, the AIX base operating system (BOS) installation environment loads. It might take a few minutes for the boot image to load before the BOS Installation menus are displayed.
  1. Define the System Console, and then press Enter.
  2. Select the language for the Base Operating System (BOS) Installation menus, and then press Enter to open the Welcome to Base Operating System Installation and Maintenance menu.
  3. Type 1 to select Start Install Now with Default Settings in the Choice field, and then press Enter.
    Welcome to Base Operating System
                          Installation and Maintenance
    Type the number of your choice and press Enter.  Choice is indicated by >>>.
        1 Start Install Now with Default Settings  
        2 Change/Show Installation Settings and Install
        3 Start Maintenance Mode for System Recovery
        88  Help ?
        99  Previous Menu
    >>> Choice [1]: 1
  4. Verify that the selections are correct in the Installation Summary menu.
                          System Backup Installation Summary
       Disks: hdisk0
       Use Physical Location Maps: No
       Shrink File System: No
       Import User Volume Groups: Yes
       Recover Devices: No
    >>> 1 Continue with Install
    88  Help ?
    99  Previous Menu
    >>> Choice [1]: 1
  5. Type 1 in the Choice field, and then press Enter to confirm the installation options and begin the installation. If the AIX system backup spans multiple CDs, the BOS installation program prompts you to switch to the next volume, and then press Enter. Repeat as many times as necessary until all the system backup volumes have been processed.

The server automatically restarts after installation is complete.

Step 4. Log in to AIX

When AIX has been successfully restored, the login prompt is displayed. Complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to AIX using your user name and password.
  2. Run the errpt command to verify that there are no errors on the server, as follows:
    # errpt –a | pg

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Last updated: Tue, June 10, 2014