POWER5 information.

Startup step C6004508 takes longer than expected in D-mode IPL

Sometimes the step for console detection can take longer than usual during a D-mode initial program load (IPL).

This situation can be the result of a problem or configuration change. If you are troubleshooting a connection issue, you can force the system to end the search for the console by performing a function 21 (enable dedicated service tools (DST)) from the control panel, remote control panel, or Hardware Management Console. This speeds the process of posting a failing system reference code (SRC) without waiting the entire search time, which can be 45 minutes or longer. Allow the system to attempt to find the console for 5 - 10 minutes before circumventing the step unless you expect a failure to occur and only need to retrieve the SRC data.

Important: Use care when considering this bypass function. Bypassing the remaining time in the process of the search might prevent a correctly working console from being activated in some cases.