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Air conditioning determination

The air conditioning system must provide year-round temperature and humidity control as a result of the heat dissipated during equipment operation.

Heat dissipation ratings are given in the server specifications for each server. Air conditioning units should not be powered from the computer power panel because of the high starting current drawn by their compressor units. The feeder line for the air conditioning system and the computer room power should not be in the same conduit.

Consider the following factors when determining the air conditioning capacity necessary for installation:

Most servers are air-cooled by internal blowers. A separate air conditioning system is recommended for data processing installation. A separate system might be required for small systems or individual servers intended for operation when the building air conditioning system is not adequate or is not operational. Server heat dissipation loads are given on the server specifications for each server. See the environmental requirements in the server specifications for your server.

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Last updated: Fri, Oct 30, 2009