IBM i License Program Products (LPP) and Operating System feature bundles

When you select IBM i, in addition to the IBM i operating system, the following LPP, and IBM i operating system features are included in the IBM® Power® Virtual Server offering:

  • 5770-SS1 IBM i processor and unlimited users
  • 5770-SS1: IBM i Option 23, OptiConnect
  • 5770-SS1: IBM i Option 44, Encrypted Backup Enablement
  • 5770-SS1: IBM i Option 45, Encrypted ASP Enablement
  • 5770-SS1 IBM i Option 18 Media & Storage Extensions
  • 5770-SS1 IBM i Option 26 Db2 Symmetric Multiprocessing
  • 5770-SS1 IBM i Option 27 Db2 Multisystem
  • 5770-SS1 IBM i Option 38 PSF for IBM i Any Speed Printer Support
  • 5770-SS1 IBM i Option 41 HA Switchable Resources
  • 5770-SS1 IBM i Option 42 HA Journal Performance
  • 5770-SS1 IBM i Options: all other IBM i Options that are included with IBM i at no additional charge. Examples:
    • Option 8, AFP Compatibility Fonts
    • Option 12, Host Servers
    • Option 13, System Openness Includes
  • 5770-DG1: HTTP Server for i
  • 5770-JV1: Developer Kit for Java
  • 5770-NAE: Network Authentication Enablement for i
  • 5733-SC1: Portable Utilities for i
  • 5770-TC1: TCP/IP
  • 5770-TS1: Transform Services for i
  • 5770-UME: Universal Manageability Enablement for i
  • 5770-XE1: IBM i Access for Windows operating system
  • 5733-ACS: IBM i Access Client Solutions
  • 5733-ARE: IBM Administration Runtime Expert
  • 5798-FAX: IBM Facsimile Support for i
  • 5770-SM1: IBM System Manager for i
  • 5770-DFH: IBM CICS Transaction Server for i
  • 5770-MG1: IBM Managed System Services for i
  • 5770-AF1: Advanced Function Printing for i
  • 5761-AMT: Rational Application Management Toolset
  • 5761-AP1: Advanced DBCS Printer Support
  • 5733-B45: AFP Font Collection for i
  • 5770-BR1: Backup, Recovery, and Media Services
  • 5761-DB1: System/38 Utilities
  • 5761-CM1: Communications Utilities
  • 5761-DS2: Business Graphics Utility
  • 5648-E77: InfoPrint Fonts
  • 5769-FN1: AFP DBCS Fonts
  • 5769-FNT: AFP Fonts
  • 5722-IP1: Infoprint Server for i
  • 5770-JS1: Advanced Job Scheduler for i
  • 5770-PT1: Performance Tools
  • 5770-QU1: Query for i
  • 5770-ST1: Db2 Query Manager and SQL Dev Kit for i
  • 5733-XT2: XML Toolkit
  • 5770-XH2: IBM i Access for web
  • 5770-XW1: IBM i Access Family

Each LPP in the package contains all the features that's includes the optional features. For example, the 5770-BR1 solution includes the network feature and the advanced features in addition to the base product.

These additional LPPs for IBM i, which are available and can be included in your VM instance. To include one or more such LPPs, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Virtual server instances in the Power Virtual Server user interface and click your instance.

  2. Click the Edit details option in the Server details page. A menu appears.

  3. Select the wanted licenses that you want to include in your VM instance. Currently, you can purchase the following licenses through Power Virtual Server:

    • IBM i Cloud Storage Solutions (5773-ICC)
    • IBM i Power HA (5770-HAS)
    • Rational Development Studio for IBM i (5770-WDS)

    Each of these programs is individually priced. The selected licensed programs are injected to your VM instance. Or install specific licensed program solutions on your VM instance. If you want to use these programs on your IBM i VM instance, you must order these licensed programs through Power Virtual Server you cannot use existing licenses in your VM instance.

  4. Check the service agreement box and click Save edits and order to complete the instance modification process and to accept the price.

  5. View the Server details page to verify your instance modification.

Passport Advantage Software

In general, IBM programs that are acquired through Passport Advantage can be brought to the Power Virtual Server offering. One example of an IBM i program that is acquired through Passport Advantage is Rational Developer for i (RDi). For RDi, you can bring your current Rational Developer for i (RDi) license to the Power Virtual Server offering whether RDi was obtained through the Power Hardware channel or through Passport Advantage. If you do not currently have an RDi license and need the product, obtain a license by using Passport Advantage, and bring it to the Power Virtual Server offering.

Other examples of IBM software that is acquired through Passport Advantage are WebSphere MQ, Db2 Connect, and Lotus Notes. For more information, see licensing and Passport Advantage.