Configuring the HMC as a DHCP server

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) provides an automated method for dynamic client configuration.

To configure the HMC as a DHCP server, do the following:

  1. In the navigation area, click HMC Management.
  2. In the Work area, click Change network settings. The Customize Network Settings window opens.
  3. Select the LAN adapter that you want to work with and click Details.
  4. Select Private and then select the network type.
  5. In the DHCP Server section, select Enable DHCP Server to enable the HMC as a DHCP server.
    Note: You can configure the HMC to be a DHCP server only on a private network. If you use an open network, you do not have the option to select the Enable DHCP.
  6. Enter the address range of the DHCP server.
  7. Click OK.

If you configured your HMC to be a DHCP server on a private network, you must verify that your HMC DHCP private network is configured correctly. For information about connecting your HMC to a private network, see Selecting a private or open network.

For more information, see HMC as a DHCP server.

Last updated: Mon, April 13, 2020