Manage features

When some new features are introduced to Planning Analytics Workspace, you can choose to enable or disable the features in your environment. You can manage when and how your users are exposed to new functionality.

About this task

New features that are subject to management by administrators are disabled by default. You have the option of enabling some features when they are introduced in Planning Analytics Workspace. However, after the feature has been available for several release cycles, it becomes permanently enabled and is no longer subject to management by an administrator. The release in which the feature becomes permanent is referred to as the Enablement Release and it is clearly indicated for each feature.


  1. Click the Administration tile on the Planning Analytics Workspace home page.
  2. Click the Features and Configuration tile.
    Note: In Planning Analytics as a Service, this tile is titled Features.
  3. Click the Features tab.
    The Features tab lists all the features that you can manage and identifies the current release of Planning Analytics Workspace that you are using.
    Each feature is identified by its name. Click the name to view a brief description and the Enablement Release for the feature.
  4. To enable or disable a feature, click the Status toggle and confirm your selection when prompted.