Use the modeling workbench to create and manage your model

The modeling workbench is available in Planning Analytics Workspace new experience. You cannot use the modeling workbench in Planning Analytics Workspace Classic.

To create a new workbench, click the Home menu Home menu, then click New > Workbench.

You can also create a modeling workbench on the Data and Models page. From Planning Analytics Workspace home page, Click the Data and Models tile, then click New > Workbench on the Data and Models page.

To open an existing workbench:

  1. Click the Data and Models tile on the Planning Analytics Workspace home page.
  2. On the Data and Models page, click either Shared or Personal, depending upon where the workbench is saved.
  3. Click the workbench you want to open. To make it easier to find your workbench, click the Filter icon filter icon and select Workbench. You can also search for a workbench.

    Currently, modeling workbenches are visible in the Shared or Personal folders only when you open a folder from the Data and Models page or in the Workbench perspective.

The workbench efficiently presents your modeling assets in a tabbed and sectioned layout.

Modeling workbench with multiple editors
You can use the modeling workbench to:
  • Create, edit, and delete any of these objects: dimensions, hierarchies, sets, processes, chores, and rules
  • Run processes and chores
  • Create and save cube views
  • Edit settings for cubes, dimensions, processes, and chores
  • Create drill processes, import data, import dimensions, reload/unload cubes
  • Refresh security, set cell security