Planning Analytics - December 21, 2021

IBM® Planning Analytics Local version and the cloud release of IBM Planning Analytics version includes updates for IBM TM1® Server version 11.8.9.

IBM Planning Analytics version includes numerous improvements and defect fixes, as well as the changes noted here.

Note: Updates to each version of IBM Planning Analytics are cumulative. If you are upgrading IBM Planning Analytics, review all updates since your installed version to plan your upgrade and application deployment.

Timeline of previous Planning Analytics releases

For a comprehensive listing of Planning Analytics component releases by month and year, see Timeline for IBM Planning Analytics Releases. You can view versions and release months for the following components:
  • Planning Analytics Local TM1 Server
  • Planning Analytics Workspace
  • Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel
  • Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services/TM1 Web

SkipLoadingAliases server configuration parameter no longer supported

As of Planning Analytics, the SkipLoadingAliases parameter to Tm1s.cfg is not supported. If this parameter is present and enabled in your Tm1s.cfg file, it is ignored.

Introduction of HTTPOriginAllowList server configuration parameter

This parameter sets a comma-delimited list of external origins (URLs) that are trusted and can access the TM1 server. For more information, see HTTPOriginAllowList.

RedHat Enterprise Linux 8.x support

Planning Analytics introduces support for RedHat Enterprise Linux® 8.x. Support for RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.x continues as well.

Error when attempting to start the TM1 server in console mode on Windows Server 2012

Due to a load order issue with an IBM-built wrapper library of openssl: libibmcogcrypto.dll, an attempt to start the TM1 Server in console mode (direct execution of Tm1s.exe) fails on Windows 12.

After attempting to start the server, you receive an error indicating that the Admin Server cannot start due to the missing libibmcogcrypto.dll file.

Example of system error that occurs when starting TM1 server in console mode

This issue occurs only on Window 12. The issue will be addressed in the next release of Planning Analytics after

IBM Planning Analytics TM1 Web 2.0.69 no longer supports the Workspace Classic Experience

IBM Planning Analytics TM1 Web 2.0.69 and later releases no longer support embedded Websheets in Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) books without the PAW New Experience.

Planning Analytics on Cloud environments can use either the PAW Classic or New Experience. Classic Experience for Planning Analytics Local refers to the user experience in PAW 2.0.55 and earlier releases.

The PAW New Experience was released in October 2020 as part of the 2.0.56 update for Planning Analytics on Cloud and 2.0.57 for Planning Analytics Local. This new experience showcases a new look and feel, improves navigation and content management, and introduced the Applications and Plans, and Predictive Forecasting capabilities.

Planning Analytics on Cloud customers that are using the PAW Classic Experience with Websheets that are embedded in books, should avoid updating to TM1 Web 2.0.69 or higher. If an upgrade to TM1 Server is required for a Planning Analytics on Cloud environment, contact IBM Support to discuss the version of TM1 Web packaged with the TM1 Server upgrade.