Support for new experience set editor on the modeling workbench

Set editors that are opened or created from the Databases tree on the modeling workbench now use the new experience interface. Previously, the new set editor was available only through the new experience view. Sets that were opened or created from the Databases tree used the classic interface.

When you open or create a set from the Databases tree, the new experience set editor appears on a new tab on the active tabset, making it easy to compare the set with other assets.

Set editor as a widget on the workbench

You can open the new set editor in a new window or move the set editor to another region on the workbench to create an editing environment that suits your needs.

Organizing the new experience set editor
Note: When you open a set editor from the new experience view, the set editor opens as a separate dialog and isn't inserted on a new tab in the workbench.

The new experience view and set editor were first made available on the modeling workbench in Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.78. For more information, see New experience view on modeling workbench.