Extended capabilities in Git repository integration

Git repository integration in Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.91 introduces support for new objects and files, TurboIntegrator process integration, and the ability to save and reuse a configuration for adding content to a repository.

Support for websheets and files

You can now add websheets, as well as any type of file, to your repository.

Git object upload uptions

Run TurboIntegrator processes in association with a Git push or pull

You can run one or more TurboIntegrator processes when you add objects to a repository. You can run processes at any or all of the following points:

  • Before pushing to a repository
  • After pushing to a repository
  • Before pulling from a repository
  • After pulling from a repository
Process available when using Git integration

Save a configuration for adding content to a repository

After you define the objects, processes, and branch to add content to a Git repository, you can save your selections as a file that can be used to quickly set the configuration for later repository updates.

Option to save Git repository configuration as a file

The file is saved to Planning Analytics Workspace File manager with a .tm1gitconfig extension.

Upon any subsequent repository updates, you can click Load selections from file to apply the selections that are saved in the .tm1gitconfig configuration file.

Option to load a configuration file for Git repository updates

You can modify the repository update configuration after the selections are loaded from the .tm1gitconfig configuration file.

Exclude views when adding cubes to a repository

By default, all associated views are included when you add a cube to a repository. If you want to exclude views, click the Settings icon Settings icon and enable the new Exclude cube views option on the Settings menu.