Virtual set and reset features are now available for the current set in the set editor

All virtual sets (All roots, All members, and All leaves) in the Available members pane in the set editor are now also available in the Current set pane. Additionally, reset features are now available in the Current set pane.

The availability of virtual sets in the Current set pane lets you work with these sets without having to toggle Available members back on when you are in single-pane mode.

Current set with virtual sets options

When you select a virtual set, the Current set label changes to display the virtual set's name.

The Current set changes when you:
  • Select a named set or virtual set from Current set list
  • Replace Current set with a named set from the Available members pane
  • Switch hierarchies - when you switch hierarchies, the Current set changes to the default named set. If a default named set does not exist, the Current set switches to All roots.
  • Delete the current named set

If your Current set is a named set, the Current set keeps the alias of the existing set and expands above with the virtual set, when you select Show totals trailing and choose a virtual set.

You can use Undo and Redo to move between a virtual and a named set.

You can now also Reset the current set Reset button on Current set pane. to reset changes that you made to the currently selected set.

You can reset the current set only if you made edits to the set or if you inserted members from Available members to the Current set. You can verify that you made an edit by the state of the set icon: Current set icon in changed state.

The Reset the current set feature is disabled when you perform the following gestures:
  • View the attributes of any member in the Current set by clicking Show attributes
  • Select a different set from Current set menu
  • Switch the hierarchy in the set editor
  • Delete a set on the Available members pane
  • Save a new named set