DBS sends a numeric value to a TM1® cube. This function cannot send a string to a cube. To send strings, use the DBSS function.

When you build a DBS function with the TM1 > Edit Formula option, the Edit Formula dialog box prompts you through a series of steps to build each function argument in the correct sequence.

If the cube does not exist or one of the arguments is invalid, the function returns KEY ERROR.

This worksheet function is valid in worksheets only.


DBS(value, cube, e1, e2[,...en])




The value being sent.


The cube to which the value is sent.

e1, ...en

The names of elements defining the intersection in the cube to which the value is sent.

Arguments e1 through en are sequence-sensitive. e1 must be an element from the first dimension of the cube, e2 must be an element from the second dimension of the cube, and so on. These arguments can also be the names of aliases for dimension elements.

Numeric element names must be enclosed in quotation marks.


In this example, the function sends the value 5342 into the cube 92act4d at the intersection of California, 3.5 Diskettes, Net Sales, and January.
DBS(5342,"92act4d","California","3.5 Diskettes", "NetSales", "January")