Configuring outgoing communications to the TM1 Admin Server

Deprecated in v2.0.9 After you have deployed the applications file, pmhub.war, to the IBM® WebSphere® Application Server and retrieved SSL certificates, the next step is to set up outgoing communications from WebSphere to the TM1® Admin Server.


  1. In the WebSphere administrative console, expand Security and click SSL certificate and key management.
  2. Under Configuration settings, click Manage endpoint security configurations.
  3. Expand Outbound > [node]Node01Cell > nodes.
  4. Click [[node]Node01Cell, where node is the name of the server where you are deploying Operations Console.
  5. Under Related Items, click Dynamic outbound endpoint SSL configurations.
  6. Click the NodeDefaultTrustStore keystore.
  7. Click New.
  8. In the Name field, enter tm1admin.
  9. In the Description field, enter ssl connection.
  10. Under Connection Information, enter *,*,5498, and then click Add.
    Note: The value 5498 is the SSL port number of the TM1 Admin Server as specified in Cognos Configuration.
  11. Click Apply, and then click OK.
  12. Save your changes.
  13. Restart the WebSphere Application Server.
  14. In a web browser, enter the URL to run Operations Console, http://localhost:port/pmhub/pm/opsconsole/.
    Replace port with the port number of the virtual host where you deployed pmhub.war.
    For example: http://localhost:9080/pmhub/pm/opsconsole/.
    The Operations Console login page is displayed.