Relocating custom SSL files

If you have installed custom SSL files in a location under the Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services installation directory, you must relocate these files to a directory outside the installation directory and update your server.xml to the new location. This ensures that the files are not deleted during an upgrade and the installation continues to work correctly after upgrade.

About this task

This procedure assumes that the outside directory is C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\certificates and your custom SSL keystore file is customKeyStore.pfx. The full path for the relocated file is thus C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\certificates\customKeyStore.pfx.


  1. Open Windows services and check the status of your IBM Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services. If the service is running, stop it before you proceed to the next step.
  2. Move the custom key store and other files to the new location.

    For example if your custom key store is at <install_dir>\tm1web\bin64\ssl\customKeystore.pfx, you would move that file to C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\certificates\customKeyStore.pfx.

    If you located any other custom SSL files such as certificates under <install_dir>, you should also move those files to the external location so they are not deleted by an upgrade.

  3. Edit the server.xml to use the new location of the custom key store.
    1. Open <install_dir>\tm1web\wlp\usr\servers\tm1web\server.xml in a text editor.
    2. Find the keyStore configuration line, which may look like:
       <keyStore id="defaultKeyStore" location="${wlp.user.dir}/../../bin64/ssl/customKeyStore.pfx" password="your_password" />
    3. Change the location in that line to reference the new location of the key store using the full path, for example:
      <keyStore id="defaultKeyStore" location="C:/Proram Files/ibm/cognos/certificates/customKeyStore.pfx" password="your_password" />
    4. Save and close server.xml.
  4. Validate your SSL configuration as described in Configuring SSL for Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services/ TM1 Web with an existing keystore.