Install and configure TM1 Web on UNIX

Installing IBM® TM1® Web on a UNIX system requires that you import the certificate to the Java™ keystore on UNIX. These steps apply if you are using the provided WebSphere® Liberty application server.

Before you begin

You must set the JAVA_HOME environment variable before you can start IBM Cognos® Configuration. Cognos Configuration is used for starting the web application server for TM1 Web.

You must also add the <PA_install_directory>\bin64\ directory to the library path environment variable (LD_LIBRARY_PATH). This setting is required only when you install IBM TM1 Web on a Linux server, separate from where you installed TM1 Server.

About this task

Importing the certificate to the Java keystore on UNIX is required to enable TM1 Web to display the list of the available TM1 Servers.


  1. Run the installation program:
    1. Go to the location where the installation files were downloaded and extracted, or insert the product disk.
    2. Go to the operating system directory and then type


    3. Advance to the Component Selection screen.
    4. Select the following TM1 Web Tier components: TM1 Web , TM1 Application Server, and Cognos Access Manager..

      Clear all the other components.

      Important: Cognos Access Manager must be installed as part of the web tier installation. If Cognos Access Manager is not installed, then TM1 Web and the PMPSVC web application cannot connect to the TM1 Admin Server and the TM1 Server.
    5. Follow the prompts in the installation wizard to complete the installation.
  2. Import the certificate to the Java keystore on UNIX.
    1. Change directory to the bin64 location that is associated to JAVA_HOME.
    2. Run the following command:

      keytool -import -file /bin64/ssl/applixca.pem -keystore /usr/java8/jre/lib/security/cacerts -storepass changeit

  3. Add the <PA_install_directory>\bin64\ directory to the library path environment variable (LD_LIBRARY_PATH).
  4. Start IBM Cognos Configuration:

    Go to the install_location/bin64 directory and then type the following command:


  5. Start the web application server for TM1 Web:

    In the Cognos Configuration Explorer panel, expand the Local Configuration > Environment > IBM Cognos TM1 node, right-click IBM Cognos TM1 and select Start.

  6. Confirm that TM1 Web is running by entering the URL for TM1 Web in a web browser on a remote computer. For example:


    Replace <unix_web_server> with the name or IP address of the computer where TM1 Web is running.

What to do next

Depending on your system and network environment, perform the following additional configuration steps: