Install and configure Cognos TM1 Web on Microsoft Windows

These steps describe how to install IBM® Cognos® TM1® Web on a separate computer that is running Microsoft Windows. These steps apply when you are using the provided WebSphere® Liberty application server.

About this task

This procedure also installs the IBM Cognos Configuration utility. You use Cognos Configuration to start and stop the application server.

When IBM Cognos TM1 Web is installed on a separate computer, edit the configuration file to identify the IBM Cognos TM1 Admin Server and IBM Cognos TM1 servers in your network that you want to use with Cognos TM1 Web.


  1. Run the installation program that matches the type of computer being used for Cognos TM1 Web:
  2. Right-click the issetup.exe file and click Run as Administrator.
  3. Select only the following TM1 Web Tier components: TM1 Web, TM1 Application Server, and Cognos Access Manager.
    Deselect all the other components.

    Cognos Access Manager must be installed as part of the web tier installation. If Cognos Access Manager is not installed, then Cognos TM1 Web and the PMPSVC web application cannot connect to the Cognos TM1 Admin Server and the Cognos TM1 Server.

  4. Follow the prompts in the installation wizard to complete the installation.
  5. Start IBM Cognos Configuration.
    Attention: If you installed the product from the Program Files (x86) directory on a computer running Windows 7, start IBM Cognos Configuration as an Administrator.
  6. In the Cognos Configuration Explorer panel, expand the Local Configuration > Environment node, right-click TM1 Application Server and select Start.

    This starts the provided web application server for Cognos TM1 Web.

  7. Confirm that Cognos TM1 Web is running by entering the URL for Cognos TM1 Web in a web browser. For example:


    On a remote computer, replace localhost with the name or IP address of the computer where Cognos TM1 Web is running.

  8. Configure Cognos TM1 Web to connect to remote Cognos TM1 servers in your network.

    If you want Cognos TM1 Web to connect to a specific Cognos TM1 Admin Server or Cognos TM1 server in your network, configure the AdminHostName and TM1ServerName parameters in the Cognos TM1 Web configuration file, tm1web_config.xml.

    See Configuring the TM1 Web login page using AdminHostName and TM1ServerName parameters.

  9. Configure security options for Cognos TM1 Web.

    You can configure authentication security, such as Integrated Login or IBM Cognos Security, and data transmission security, such as TLS, depending on your system and network environment.

    See Planning Analytics Local security.

  10. Configure additional options in the CognosTM1 Web configuration file.
  11. Review the steps for web browser configuration.

    You can configure web browser options such as language and regional settings for your users.

    See Configuring web browsers for Cognos TM1 Web.