Configuring TM1 Application Web

IBM® Planning Analytics Local uses IBM Cognos® TM1® Web to support the Cognos TM1 Application Web client. TM1 Application Web enables users to view and edit planning application data in grid format. If you want to allow users to use TM1 Application Web, you need to configure this option.

About this task

When you install TM1 Web, the required files for TM1 Application Web are copied to the TM1 Web installation location.

The main file for TM1 Application Web is:


The default install location is:


Configure the TM1 Application Web URL parameter in TM1 Application Web to point to the Contributor.jsp file in this location.


  1. Open the Configuration page in TM1 Application Web:
    • If you are running TM1 Application Web for the first time, use the Configuration page that opens when you start the program.

      For more details, see Configuring the server and client environment for TM1 Application Web.

    • If you are already using TM1 Application Web, you can re-open the Configuration page by clicking the Administer IBM Cognos TM1 Applications button Administer IBM Cognos TM1 Application button on the toolbar in TM1 Application Web.
  2. In the TM1 Application Web URL field, enter the URL location of the Contributor.jsp file.

    Use the format:


    For example:

  3. Click OK.
    The Login page for TM1 Application Web is displayed.