ViewExtractSkipCalcsSet sets an option to include/exclude consolidated values in a view and any associated view extracts. A view extract is a view exported as an ASCII comma-delimited (.cma) file.

Note: This function affects views as they exist on the server. The scope of this function is not restricted to extracts generated from a view.

ViewExtractSkipCalcsSet is the equivalent of the Skip Consolidated Values option in the View Extract dialog box.

This function is valid only in Planning Analytics processes.


ViewExtractSkipCalcsSet (Cube, ViewName, Flag);




The parent cube of the view for which you are setting the option.


The view for which you are setting the option.


A binary value that turns the option on or off. Specify 1 to exclude consolidated values from the view extract. Specify 0 to include consolidated values.

The default is 1.


ViewExtractSkipCalcsSet ('99sales', '1st Quarter Actuals',1);

This example turns on the Skip Consolidated Values option for the 1st Quarter Actuals view. The view extract will not include any consolidated values.

Note about the impact of enabling a specific combination of view manipulation functions

Consider the scenario when all of these conditions are true:

In this scenario, the output is different, depending on whether you enable the ViewExtractSkipZeroesSet function.

  • If you set ViewExtractSkipZeroesSet = 0, the Planning Analytics database enumerates every possible cube cell, not just the existing data cells. This situation is rather unusual, since enumerating all possible cells means that the number of cells scanned is the product of the sizes of all of the dimensions of the cube. This product can quickly become very large. In this mode, the ViewExtractSkipCalcsSet function skips all consolidated cells, even if the measure is a string.
  • If you set ViewExtractSkipZeroesSet = 1, the Planning Analytics database scans only the cells actually in the cube. In this mode, a string stored on a consolidated cell is treated as a simple leaf (the cell after all has a simple value and is a leaf). Therefore, even though the ViewExtractSkipCalcsSet function is enabled, the entry is not skipped since this cell is not a calculated consolidated cell. In this case, if you want the entries to be skipped, you must enable the ViewExtractSkipConsolidatedStringsSet function.