Data spreading

You can use data spreading options to detail cells to distribute numbers in cells in a grid. For example, you can evenly distribute a value across a range of cells.

You can use data spreading options with copy and paste shortcuts and data entry commands. To find out more, see Copy and paste and Quick data entry commands.

By default, the spreading options replace data, but you can specify + or ~ to add or subtract data instead.

Proportionally spread a value
Example: P<>100
Proportionally spreads the value 100 to all detail cells on the row of insertion and replaces the existing cell values.
Equally spread a value
Example: S+|^200
Equally spreads the value 200 to all detail cells on the column of insertion, and adds the product of spreading to the existing cell values
Repeat a value
Example: R~<50
Subtracts the value 50 from all detail cells to the left of the insertion point.
Apply a percent change
Example: P%+<>10
Takes 10 percent of the cell values and adds it to the existing cell values across the row.
Populate cells by specifying a start and end value (Straight-line)
You specify a start and end value, choose the direction of the spread, and the update action.
Example: SL>100:200
Replaces all detail cell values to the right of insertion with a start value of 100 and an end value of 200. Across 5 detail cells, the values would be:
100, 125, 150, 175, 200.
Apply a linear growth percentage
You specify a start value and a growth percentage.
Example: GR |300:25
Applies a 25 % growth percentage to the starting value of 300 and replaces all detail values below the point of insertion.