Add a calculation to a view

Member calculations apply to one or more members on either the row or column axis of a view.

About this task

You can create the following calculations with one member selected:
  • Rank: ranks the value of the cell, with rank 1 being the highest. This applies to visible numeric values only.
  • Absolute value: the non-negative value of the cell.
  • Percentage (%) of total: the value as a percentage of the total.
  • Percentage (%) of parent: the value as a percentage of the immediate parent.
  • Selected member + (plus), -(minus), / (divided by) or * multiplied by a numeric value (or the reverse)
You can calculate the following calculations with two or more members selected,
  • Average
  • Minimum
  • Maximum
  • Median
With just two members selected, you can create the following calculations:
  • Member 1 * member 2
  • Member 1 + member 2
  • Member 1 - member 2
  • Member 1 / member 2
  • Member 1 % change member 2
  • Member 1 % of member 2

You can reverse the members in calculations by tapping reverse


  1. Right-click the row or column label of the member for which you want to create a calculation.

    To create a calculation on multiple members, use CTRL+click or SHIFT+click to select the member labels, and then right-click on one of the selected member labels.

  2. Click Calculations, then Create.
  3. Optionally, enter a name for the calculation. This is the name that will appear as a row or column label in your view. If you don't enter a name, a name is assigned.
  4. Click the calculation you want to create.
  5. If you are creating an arithmetic calculation on a single member, enter the required numeric value.
  6. Click OK.