Running ETLDAP

You can run ETLDAP from the Microsoft Windows operating system or the DOS command window with command-line parameters.


  1. If you want to run ETLDAP from the Microsoft Windows operating system, complete the following actions:
    • Click Start > Programs > IBM Cognos > TM1 > Administration > ETLDAP.
    • Set the elements that you require.
      Table 1. Elements in the LDAP Load Tool dialog box.

      Field or Button


      Search DN

      Displays the LDAP node at which the search originates. ETLDAP does not search for entries above this level in the tree.


      Displays the query string that filters the entries in the directory and generates the matching records.


      Displays the attribute values for LDAP entries that assist in validating the records returned by the search. When you export the LDAP information to TM1, ETLDAP retrieve the attributes required to create valid TM1 users.

      Note: The attributes are for display purposes only.

      Search Scope

      Specifies the starting point of the search, and the search level. Select One level to specify all entries one level below the base Search DN, but not the base DN itself. Select Sub-tree level to search all entries beneath the base DN, including the base DN.

      Results Table

      Displays the search results. Click the column headers to sort the data, or right-click in a row and click View Entry to examine all attributes for that entry.

      Search Button

      Performs the search using the parameters you select.

      Export Button

      Exports the displayed set of users to TM1 based on the settings in the Options dialog box.

  2. If you want to run ETLDAP from the DOS command window, complete the following actions:
    • Click Start > Programs > Accessories >Command Prompt.
    • Enter the following command line:

      java etldap options

    • Add the parameters that you require.
      Table 2. Supported command-line parameters



      -f filename

      Passes the name of a saved session file to load all configuration settings from a previous session.

      When you run ETLDAP in unattended (batch) mode, you must include a name for the session save file. If this file does not contain the passwords necessary to connect to the LDAP and IBM® TM1® Server, an error message is written to the log file and the session is terminated.


      Runs ETLDAP in command-line mode with no user interface. Requires the -f option.


      When you run ETLDAP in batch mode, passing this flag removes all passwords from the session file referenced by the -f flag after they have been read.

      This parameter reads the save file at the beginning of the session, and then re-writes the file with the passwords removed. While in use, you would run ETLDAP and specify the passwords with the user interface. Then you would exit ETLDAP and run the command line version specifying the '-secure' option. This would insure that the passwords were only available for the short period of time it takes for the utility to initialize.


      Displays online Help for these command-line parameters.