Configuring the LDAP login parameters

You can configure the LDAP login parameters.


  1. In the LDAP Load Tool dialog box, click File > Connect.
  2. Enter the following host and user information.
    Table 1. LDAP login parameters




    Host Info Host

    Enter the host name or IP address of the machine where the LDAP server is running.


    The port on which the LDAP server is running. If a port is not specified, 636 is used. Cognos® TM1® attempts to bind to an LDAP server on the specified secure port. If you do not enter an LDAPPort value, Cognos TM1 uses the default value of port 636.


    ETLDAP will most likely ignore the version number. Most LDAP servers support version 2 or version 3 type connections, ETLDAP does not use any functionality specific to either version.

      SSL option

    Determines whether the communication between the LDAP server and ETLDAP happens over a secure encrypted channel. Unless you are viewing secure information over an insecure network, leave this option turned off.

      Anonymous option

    Most LDAP servers have some layer of security configuration that requires you to authenticate as a known user. In some systems, anonymous users can browse the directory, but not retrieve the schema. In other systems, an anonymous user might have access to certain insecure areas of the directory, but not others.

    User Info User DSN

    In many cases, your LDAP directory prevents Anonymous users from accessing or modifying data. In this case, you may need a Distinguished Name (DN) and password to complete the extraction of your LDAP security information.

    For example, the name Norm Lodin might refer to a person who works at Blodget, Inc. Inside LDAP, he has a Distinguished Name that uniquely distinguishes him from all other entities in the network.

    Norm might enter the following information in the User Info field.

    uid=nlodin, ou=People,


    Enter a password that corresponds to the User DN.

  3. To see if the connection is successful, click Test.
  4. Click OK.

    You have established a connection to your LDAP server with the parameters you specified.