TM1 Server installation

You can install and configure the IBM TM1 Admin Server and IBM TM1 Server on a dedicated computer running either the Microsoft Windows, UNIX, or Linux operating system.

The TM1® Admin Server can reside on the same computer as the TM1 Server or another computer on your network.

The server components can be installed on a 64-bit computer running Microsoft Windows or Linux® operating systems.

Server components

The TM1 Server components include the following:

  • TM1 Admin Server (required)
  • TM1 Server (required)
  • TM1 Tools (optional)

These components are grouped together under the TM1 Data Tier in the installation program.

You can install any combination of server components without installing any client components. It is not required to update clients when you update the server.

IBM Cognos Configuration

By default, IBM® Cognos® Configuration is also installed with the required components on Windows and Linux as the primary tool for managing the TM1 Admin Server and TM1 Server. This tool provides a user interface for stopping and starting the server components.