Installing Cognos Insight

You can choose different ways to distribute and install IBM® Cognos® Insight across multiple computers.

Depending on your computer network environment and business needs, you can install the application, allow users to install as needed, or remotely push the application out.

The following table summarizes the different ways to distribute and install IBM Cognos Insight across multiple computers.

Table 1. Multiple computer installation options for Cognos Insight
Installation option Description

Installing Cognos Insight using the installation program

Administrators or end users can install Cognos Insight on a single computer using the IBM Cognos TM1® Client-only installation program.

Optionally, use these steps to create an unattended installation to install Cognos Insight on multiple computers.

Installing Cognos Insight from the Cognos TM1 Applications portal

As a prerequisite, an administrator must install Cognos TM1 Applications.

This allows Cognos TM1 users to install Cognos Insight onto their computers the first time that they launch it from the IBM Cognos TM1 Applications portal. This is called a provisioned installation.

Remotely installing Cognos Insight on multiple computers

An administrator can use third-party network installation tools to push Cognos Insight out to multiple remote client systems.