TM1 sample databases installation

IBM® TM1® samples illustrate product features and technical and business best practices. You can also use them for learning the product, testing, and troubleshooting.

TM1 samples overview

TM1 samples are available for a variety of uses and are optimized for different clients. Some of the samples are ready to use right after installation while others require extra steps to use them. TM1 samples are installed in TM1_installation_location\samples\tm1.

Important: If you are upgrading Planning Analytics Local and don't need to keep your existing TM1 samples, then delete the files in TM1_installation_location\samples\tm1 before you install Planning Analytics Local.

The product samples are installed as follows:

SData, Planning Sample, GO_New_Stores, GO_Scorecards, Proven_Techniques, and 24Retail

These samples are installed by default in the TM1_installation_location\samples\tm1 location.

SData and Planning Sample were specifically designed to be used with Planning Analytics.

To use them, start each sample database in Cognos® Configuration after installation.

GO_New_Stores and Proven_Techniques are designed to highlight TM1 Performance Modeler, TM1 Applications, and Cognos Insight features.

The Proven_Techniques sample highlights cube calculations and functions. You can also import multiple applications in the portal and view them using Cognos Insight Connected mode.

The GO_Scorecards sample includes data that is optimized for use with the IBM Cognos Scorecard features found in Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler.

The 24Retail sample represents a fictitious company, named 24Retail, that sells cellphones, computers, and other widgets. Its data can be used by Planning Analytics Workspace, Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel, Architect, and TM1 Web.

See Using the sample databases installed by default for more information.

PData, Rules_Guide_Data, TI_Data

These samples are designed specifically for TM1. To use them you must first add each server in Cognos Configuration and then start them individually. They are installed into the TM1_installation_location\samples\tm1 location.,,,, and

These samples are installed only if you select the TM1 Samples component in the TM1 Data Tier in the installation wizard.

The samples require you to restore a database and connect to the database using an OLAP data source. The database files are installed with the samples, and are provided for IBM Db2®, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle databases.

The other samples are based on .csv files for their content and do not require a database to be restored. See Using the GO_Contributor and Outdoors Company sample databases for more information.

HumanResources.cdd, Orders.cdd and Training.cdd.
A set of .cdd and data samples have been specifically designed for use with Cognos Insight workspace builder. These samples with localized versions are available TM1 installation location\webcontent\samples\datasources\cubes\amdtool\Source_files\desktop. These samples are installed only if you select the TM1 Samples component in the TM1 Data Tier in the installation wizard.

On UNIX, use the ./ command to start sample database servers.