Uninstall IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel

This topic describes how you can uninstall the current version of IBM® Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel.

If you installed more than one component in the same location, you can choose the packages to uninstall using the uninstall wizard. All components of the package will be uninstalled.

Before you begin

Before uninstalling, close all Microsoft Office applications.


  1. From the Start menu, click Programs, IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Office, Uninstall IBM Office Addins, Uninstall IBM Office Addins.

    The Uninstall wizard appears.

    Tip: IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Office is the default name of the Program Folder that is created during the installation. If you chose another name, go to that folder to find the program.

  2. Follow the instructions to uninstall the component.

    You can find log files that record the uninstall process in the install_location/ibm/cognos/IBM for Microsoft Office/instlog/ directory


Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel is uninstalled.
Note: The uninstall may not completely remove all application files or directories during the uninstall process. You can remove the application files or directories manually, or edit the \uninstall\uninst.ini file and set the RemoveAllCompsFlag parameter to 1 before running the uninstall wizard.