Report types

IBM® Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel offers you the flexibility to create various report types, from simple lists and Exploration Views to complex formula-based reports.

The report types that you can use depends on whether you are using an IBM TM1® data source or an IBM Cognos® Analytics package.

Figure 1. Report types
The graphic indicates that you can create lists, Exploration Views, and Quick Reports.

You can create an Exploration View that shows sales by product line and then create a Quick Report that shows budget projections by product line. You can then create Microsoft Excel calculations that reference cells in the two reports.

If you have both TM1 and IBM Cognos Analytics available, you can create workbooks that contain both TM1 and IBM Cognos Analytics reports.

You can also combine TM1 and IBM Cognos Analytics data in a single report by using formulas.

For example, you can create a Custom Report that uses a IBM Cognos Analytics package, add TM1 formulas, and then use the IBM Cognos Analytics and TM1 data in Microsoft Excel calculations.