SubsetElementGetIndex retrieves the index of an element in a subset. The function returns the index of the first occurrence of the specified element.

If the element does not exist in the subset or cannot be found, then zero is returned. If the dimension or subset cannot be found or an out-of-range start index is specified, then an error is thrown and the TurboIntegrator function is stopped.

This function is valid in TM1® TurboIntegrator processes only.


SubsetElementGetIndex(DimName, SubsetName, ElementName, StartIndex);



DimName The parent dimension of the subset.
SubsetName The subset that contains the element.
ElementName The element name (or alias) to search for in the subset.
StartIndex The index number to begin searching from. The value must be between 1 and the size of the subset.


SubsetElementGetIndex('Region', 'Europe', 'Italy', 3);

This example retrieves the index for Italy from the Europe subset of the Region dimension. The search starts at index 3.