Searching in sets

You can search in the set editor when the list of members is large or you are unsure of an exact member name. You can also search to include members in the set that match specific criteria.

To search for members:
  1. Open the set by double-clicking the dimension tile or click the menu next to the dimension and select Open set editor
  2. Click Search and type your search criteria in the search box.
  3. Press Enter to search.

    The Available members shows all members that match the search and a member that is named Search that indicates the search criteria.

  4. Click Insert or Replace set with new insertion to add search results to the Current set.

Search looks for the search criteria in the current MDX only. This means that if a set is filtered, search looks for members that match the search criteria in the filtered set and not the full list of members.

Note: You can clear your search by deleting or replacing the input in the search box and pressing Enter. Or, click Reset.

The following example shows a search for members with names that contain the characters on.

Search feature

When you add the member Search - (Name Contains on) to your current set, you create a dynamic set that includes all the current members. Additionally, the set will include any future members that contain on in their name. A dynamic set contains a query that runs every time you open the set. If the parent dimension for the set contains a new member that matches the search, the current set includes the new member the next time you open the set.