Configuring TM1 Web to use Cognos security

Follow these steps to configure TM1® Web to use IBM® Cognos® authentication security.

Before you begin

Note: If you applied a Cognos Analytics updater kit to your Analytics installation, you might need to make specific updates to the tm1web.html file.

The tm1web.html file supports Cognos TM1 Web to use IBM Cognos authentication security. However, it does not get updated when you apply a Cognos Analytics updater kit. Instead, an updated file that is called is placed in the same Cognos Analytics ...\webcontent\tm1\web directory as the original file. Use the newer version of tm1web.html and update it with any changes you made in the original tm1web.html file.

About this task

This configuration task requires downloading two files and copying them over to your Cognos Analytics system. The files required are available in the archive, which can be downloaded from Interoperability files required for TM1 Web to use Cognos security (
The files required are:
After you extract the archive, this file is located in <extraction_directory>\templates\ps\portal.
After you extract the archive, this file is located in <extraction_directory>\webcontent\tm1\web.


  1. Download and extract from Interoperability files required for TM1 Web to use Cognos security.
  2. Copy and paste variables_TM1.xml to <Cognos location>\templates\ps\portal on every server where the TM1 Web Tier is running on your IBM Cognos Analytics system.

    The variables_TM1.xml file acts as an AllowList; if after authenticating against Cognos Analytics, the system attempts to reroute back to a URL that contains a server name that is not listed in this file, the request will be blocked. In this case, the variables_TM1.xml file should be edited to list the Fully Qualified Domain Name and CNAME (alias) of the server hosting Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services.

    Three lines should be added for each server name: one each for the three .aspx files. For example:

      <url is-regex="true">http://servername.domain:9510/TM1Web(/\([aAsS]\([A-Za-z0-9]+\)\))?/TM1WebLogin.aspx</url> 
      <url is-regex="true">http://servername.domain:9510/TM1Web(/\([aAsS]\([A-Za-z0-9]+\)\))?/TM1WebLoginHandler.aspx</url>
      <url is-regex="true">http://servername.domain:9510/TM1Web(/\([aAsS]\([A-Za-z0-9]+\)\))?/TM1WebMain.aspx</url> 
      <url is-regex="true">http://servername:9510/TM1Web(/\([aAsS]\([A-Za-z0-9]+\)\))?/TM1WebLogin.aspx</url> 
      <url is-regex="true">http://servername:9510/TM1Web(/\([aAsS]\([A-Za-z0-9]+\)\))?/TM1WebLoginHandler.aspx</url> 
      <url is-regex="true">http://servername:9510/TM1Web(/\([aAsS]\([A-Za-z0-9]+\)\))?/TM1WebMain.aspx</url> 
      <url is-regex="true">http://aliasname.domain:9510/TM1Web(/\([aAsS]\([A-Za-z0-9]+\)\))?/TM1WebLogin.aspx</url> 
      <url is-regex="true">http://aliasname.domain:9510/TM1Web(/\([aAsS]\([A-Za-z0-9]+\)\))?/TM1WebLoginHandler.aspx</url> 
      <url is-regex="true">http://aliasname.domain:9510/TM1Web(/\([aAsS]\([A-Za-z0-9]+\)\))?/TM1WebMain.aspx</url> 
      <url is-regex="true">http://aliasname:9510/TM1Web(/\([aAsS]\([A-Za-z0-9]+\)\))?/TM1WebLogin.aspx</url> 
      <url is-regex="true">http://aliasname:9510/TM1Web(/\([aAsS]\([A-Za-z0-9]+\)\))?/TM1WebLoginHandler.aspx</url> 
      <url is-regex="true">http://aliasname:9510/TM1Web(/\([aAsS]\([A-Za-z0-9]+\)\))?/TM1WebMain.aspx</url> 
      <param name="cam_passport"/> 
  3. Copy and paste tm1web.html to <Cognos location>\webcontent\bi\tm1\web on every server where the Cognos Analytics Gateway is running on your IBM Cognos Analytics system.
  4. Edit each instance of the tm1web.html file to point to where TM1 Web is running.

    var tm1webServices = ["http://SystemName:PortNumber"];

    For example:

    var tm1webServices = ["http://mysystem:9510"];