A scorecard is a collection of performance metrics that are designed to reflect the strategic goals of your business unit or organization.

The information in a scorecard identifies how well the objectives are being met by comparing planned to actual results. Scorecards can also show information for the different organizations in your business. By using visual status indicators such as traffic light, and trend icons, scorecards can help users to quickly evaluate performance.

A scorecard combines data and dimensions into interactive diagrams and visualizations that you can share with other users. Scorecards include the following elements:

A measure or key performance indicator (KPI) that conveys the performance of an important area of your business. Examples include Profit, Revenue, and Expenses.
Metric indicator
A measure of performance, status, or trend for a key area (metric) of your business. A metric indicator compares current results to target values. For example, Score, Status, and Trend.