Setting up a TM1 Server to run as a Windows service

You can manually install a TM1® Server to run as a Windows service, or remove an existing one, using the command line options of the tm1sd.exe file. The tm1sd.exe file is installed in the pa_install_directory\bin directory.

To install a TM1 server to run as a Windows service, use the following command line format: tm1sd.exe -install parameters. The following table lists the available parameters.






Name of the TM1 Server. This will become the Windows service name as shown when you display the properties of an installed service.



Data directory that contains the tm1s.cfg file for the TM1 database.



Valid user name for the computer on which you are working. Use one of the following formats:

  • Domain and user name in the format Domain\username. For example, entp\jsmith.
  • User name for a local user account.

If you do not provide a user name, the current user account is used by default.



Password for the above account.

For example, the following command line installs the sdata TM1 server as a Windows service for the current user.

tm1sd.exe -install -n sdata -z C:\Program Files\Cognos\TM1\Custom\TM1Data\SData