Configure the EvaluationService for distributed TM1 deployments

Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel and TM1 Web both use TM1 Web's EvaluationService component to support certain spreadsheet features such as TM1SET and Universal Reports. For deployments that use a distributed TM1 environment, you need to configure the EvaluationService correctly to communicate with the TM1 databases.

About this task

Configure the EvaluationService in TM1 Web to use TM1SET and Universal Reports in Planning Analytics for Excel and TM1 Web. Note, you need to configure the EvaluationService only for deployments that use the distributed TM1 environment. A distributed TM1 environment is one in which independent TM1 servers run on multiple logical hosts that are distinct from the admin host.
Important: You need to repeat these configuration steps whenever TM1 Web updates.


  1. Go to your TM1 Web installation directory and open the webapps directory (Ex: C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\tm1web\webapps).
  2. Extract the evalservice.war file to create a directory called evalservice.
  3. In the evalservice directory, go to WEB-INF\configuration.
  4. Open the evalservice_config.xml file and locate the <servers></servers> section. This section contains some commented out entries for server configurations as example templates.
    <server requestHost = "http://localhost:12354" requestServer = "planningsample" targetHost="http://yourhostname:12354" targetServer="planningsample" />
    To configure the EvaluationService to correctly route requests from the TM1 admin host to the appropriate distributed database, complete a server entry for each server mapping that is needed.
    • requestHost - admin host URL location and port
    • requestServer - normalized name of the database
    • targetHost - URL location of the target database
    • targetServer - normalized name of the target database

    The following example is an entry where the tm1adminhost is running on https://mytm1adminhost:12345, the database name is My Server, and that database is running on http://mytm1server:56789.

    <server requestHost = "https://mytm1adminhost:12345" requestServer = "myserver" targetHost="http://mytm1server:56789" targetServer="myserver" />
    Important: The requestServer and targetServer value is myserver instead of My Server. For the configuration to work as expected, use the normalized name of the server (lowercase and without spaces).
  5. Go to C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\tm1web\wlp\usr\servers\tm1web\server.xml.
  6. In the id=evalservice line, change the location to the following:
  7. Restart the service by running the Windows Services program and IBM Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services.