TurboIntegrator Functions

TurboIntegrator lets you manipulate Planning Analytics data and metadata when you define a process.

This is accomplished through the use of functions in the Prolog, Metadata, Data, and Epilog sub-tabs within the Advanced tab of the TurboIntegrator window. These sub-tabs include generated statements based on settings and options you select when defining a TurboIntegrator process. Any functions you create must appear after the generated statements. For details on creating processes with TurboIntegrator, see the TurboIntegrator documentation.

The TurboIntegrator functions in this section are sorted by category.

String arguments to TurboIntegrator functions must be enclosed in single quotation marks. A semi-colon (;) must be included to indicate the end of each function in the TurboIntegrator window.

In addition to these TurboIntegrator functions, you can also incorporate all standard Planning Analytics Rules functions in a process definition, with the exception of the STET function.

Each argument to TurboIntegrator functions is limited to 256 bytes. A TurboIntegrator function can accept multiple arguments, and each argument is limited to 256 bytes.