Using TM1RunTI

TM1RunTI is a command line interface tool that can initiate an IBM® Cognos® TM1® TurboIntegrator (TI) process or chore from within any application capable of issuing operating system commands.

This utility is of special interest in application situations where TurboIntegrator processes and chores need to be grouped in order to ensure that the processes/chores run in parallel. It is also helpful so that those processes and chores which cannot be run in parallel are serialized in the right order. Note that TM1RunTI does not finish (return) before the TurboIntegrator is finished which can be used to serialize calls if the calling process or chore is waiting for TM1Runti to finish.

The TM1RunTI executable file (tm1runti.exe) can be found in the bin directory of a TM1 server install.

If you accepted the default installation location for tm1runti.exe is in C:\Program Files\IBM\cognos\tm1\bin.

Asynchronous calls and TM1

The Execute command takes two parameters; the second one describes whether to have a synchronous call or an asynchronous call. Cognos TM1 tools should only be called asynchronously (Parameter 0) to avoid server deadlocks if the system is waiting for a lock held by the TurboIntegrator process/chore and the process/chore is waiting for the utility. The same advice applies to any executables called by ExecuteCommand if they login to Cognos TM1 .

Note: Never use a synchronous call if the tool logs into Cognos TM1 .