RunProcess lets you run TurboIntegrator processes in parallel, each on its own thread that is managed by TM1® Server. This approach speeds up data load and other operations where TurboIntegrator processes are used to divide the work.

This function is valid in TM1 TurboIntegrator processes only.


RunProcess(ProcessName, [ParamName1, ParamValue1,ParamName2, ParamValue2]);




The name of the process to be run. This process must reside on the same server as the process from which RunProcess is called.

If the process named by this argument cannot be found at runtime, the calling process is immediately terminated. (TurboIntegrator does not check for a valid ProcessName at compilation.)


The name of an existing parameter of the process to be run. This argument is required only if the process to be run uses parameters.


A valid value for the ParamName parameter. If you specify a ParamName argument, you must specify a corresponding ParamValue.

The ParamName and ParamValue arguments must occur in ordered pairs, with the name of the parameter followed by the value. You must specify a ParamName and corresponding ParamValue for each parameter of the process to be run.

The parameter names passed in the RunProcess function are matched at runtime against the parameter names specified in the process to be run. If the passed names cannot be found in the parameter list of the process to be run, a serious error results, causing the immediate termination of the process from which RunProcess is called.

Return values

RunProcess returns a string. The string is the JobID, or an empty string if an error occurs.