TM1 REST API updates

IBM® Planning Analytics Local version 2.0.5 and the cloud release of IBM Planning Analytics version 2.0.5 includes the following updates to the TM1 REST APIs for IBM TM1® Server version 11.3.0.

Batch request capability

To execute a set of cell updates as autonomous requests, each of which can individually succeed or fail, you can batch multiple requests in one request.

The 11.3.0 version of the OData v4.0 based REST APIs partially implements the JSON format based $batch implementation, as specified in Chapter 19 of the OData Committee Specification 1: Batch Requests and Responses.

To learn more, see Batch options.

Metadata updates

The following types were introduced in 11.3.0:

  • ErrorLogFile
  • ProcessExecuteResult
  • ProcessExecuteStatusCode

The following entity types were deprecated in 11.3.0:

  • ProcessErrorLog

The following functions and actions were introduced in 11.3.0:

  • TailMessageLog
  • TailTransactionLog
  • ExecuteProcessWithReturn
  • Process.ExecuteWithReturn

The following actions were deprecated in 11.3.0:

  • Process.Execute
  • ExecuteProcess

To learn more, see What's new in 11.3.0.

Documentation updates

The TM1 REST API documentation has been updated to include information about data spreading. To learn more, see Data spreading with the TM1 REST API.